Parallettes are small gymnastics devices, employed in pairs, used primarily to simulate the parallel bars that can be found in professional gymnasiums. Parallettes are similar to pushup bars, or dip bars, but they are generally longer and very low to the ground. Aside from their appeal as equipment for gymnasts, they are also appropriate for other athletes who wish to develop strength by means of body-weight exercises.

Typical exercises done on parallettes include L-sits, V-sits, handstand presses and handstand pushups. Body weight is always supported on the hands, but some parallette exercises are excellent core and leg strengtheners as well.

Although parallettes can be purchased from a number of commercial sources, they are simple to fabricate from commonly available materials such as PVC pipe. Consequently, both professional and home gyms will often utilize low-cost, "homemade" parallettes.

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  • Parallette Plans- illustrated instructions for building parallettes and other homemade gymnastics equipment.

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