Paradigm Electronics

Paradigm Electronics


Paradigm is a Canadian company specializing in the production of in-wall, on-wall and freestanding loudspeakers as well as subwoofers. The company was founded in 1982 by Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby in Toronto, Ontario. In 1999 all manufacturing for Paradigm was moved to a new facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Anthem Electronics, a sister company specializing in audio components, shares the factory space.

Paradigm offers several different speaker lines across a broad price spectrum. Paradigm speaker lines include the Cinema and Monitor Series, while the high-performance Paradigm Reference lines include the Millenia, Studio and Signature Series. As of this writing there are no authorized on-line dealers, the justification for which is that the company wants you to be able to listen to their products before buying and also that they value their international dealer base. The company website does offer a dealer locator, with authorized dealers throughout Canada, the United States and abroad.

Research and Development

For more than two decades, the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa, Canada, researched the nature of the relationship between how speakers sound and their measurable characteristics. In hundreds of scientifically controlled double-blind listening tests with all different types of music, both novice and experienced listeners were asked to grade speakers on their sound. Speakers were then grouped by listener preference and measured. NRC researchers analyzed the results and concluded that there was a direct correlation between good sound and good measurements in three principle areas (see below). They further concluded that, in order of priority, all listeners clearly favor:

  • Flat midrange
  • Smooth total energy response
  • Low distortion

These landmark findings are the foundation upon which all Paradigm speaker design is based.

Product Lines

  • Paradigm Cinema Series
  • Paradigm Monitor Series
  • Paradigm Reference Millenia Series
  • Paradigm Reference Studio Series
  • Paradigm Reference Signature Series

Trademarked Technologies

  • ADP™ (Advanced DiPole) Surround/Rear Speaker
  • ARB™ Aperiodic Resonance Breakup Fins
  • ATC™ Asymmetrical Tapered Channel
  • AVS™ Airflow Ventilation System
  • CMC™ Ceramic Metal Composite Dome
  • Controlled WaveGuide™
  • DCBS™ Dual-Cavity Bass-Shaping Enclosures
  • Die-Cast Aluminum WaveGuide™ Coupling and Phase-Alignment Bridge
  • Easy-Connect™ Terminal Block
  • G-PAL™ Gold-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Dome
  • GRIP™ Glass-Reinforced Injection-Molded Polymer Chassis
  • HD™ High-Definition Sound
  • H-PTD™ High-Efficiency Pure-Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • ICP™ Injection-Molded Co-polymer Polypropylene Cone
  • IMS SHOCK-MOUNT™ Butyl-Rubber Driver Fastening System
  • KRC™ Kevlar Reinforced Composite
  • MagneShield™
  • M-ICP™ Minimum-Mass Injection-Molded Co Polymer Polypropylene Midrange Cone/Surround
  • MLP™ Mica-Loaded Polymer Cone
  • MPC™ Metallescent Polymer Cone
  • PAL™ Pure Aluminum Dome
  • PolyGlass™ UV-resistant Enclosures
  • PosiGrip™
  • PTD™ Pure-Titanium Dome
  • Quiet™ Enclosures
  • RCR™ Resonance Control Ribs
  • S-OFC™ Silverplated Oxygen-Free Copper Cable
  • S-PAL™ Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Dome/Cone
  • Super-Class-D™ Amplifier
  • UHP™ Ultra-Fine High-Loft Polyfiber
  • Ultra-Class-D™ Amplifier
  • Ultra-Rigid™ Chassis and/or Mounting Brackets
  • UMD™ Ultra-Rigid™ Mounting Domes
  • WaveGuide™ Coupling

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