Palma Soriano

Palma Soriano

Palma Soriano, city (1981 pop. 55,851), Santiago de Cuba prov., SE Cuba, in the Cauto River valley. It is a road and rail hub and the commercial and processing center for a rich coffee and sugarcane area. Palma Soriano emerged in the early 19th cent. as the heart of a coffee-growing zone developed by French emigrants from Haiti.
"Palma Soriano is a municipality in the Santiago de Cuba Province of Cuba.

The municipality is divided into the barrios of Alto Cedro, Caney del Sitio, Guaninao, José Martí, Juan Barón, La Concepción, Las Cuchillas, Los Dorados, Norte, Palmarito de Cauto, San Leandro, San Ramón, Santa Filomena and Sur.

The city of Palma Soriano is located on the banks of the upper Cauto River. The city was founded in 1825, uniting ranches (haciendas) that stood in this area, and was the place where José Martí (the leader of the Cuban independence movement) was killed in 1895, in the Battle of Dos Ríos.

Palma Soriano is the birth place of Latin Reggae singer Mey Vidal, as well as Cuban baseball legend Orestes Kindelán and Ana Fidelia Quirot.


In 2004, the municipality of Palma Soriano had a population of 124,585. With a total area of , it has a population density of .

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