Palle Sørensen

Palle Sørensen

Palle Mogens Fogde Sørensen (born March 26 1927 in Copenhagen, Denmark) in September 1965 while escaping in a stolen car he shot four young police officers in Copenhagen. After a huge search operation he was apprehended the following day and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released after 33 years in prison — the longest time anyone has served in a Danish prison in modern history.

Palle Sørensen's crime eventually led to Danish police carrying guns, instead of just clubs.

With four police officers dead, and Palle making it out of prison alive, the "score" 4–0 has become a provocative outcry of violent demonstrators fighting the police. "4-0 til Palle! Han skød dem alle!" means "4-0 to Palle, he shot them all".


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