Berman Brothers (painters)

Eugène Berman (Евгений Густавович Берман; November 4, 1899, Moscow - December 14, 1972) and Leonid Berman were Russian Neo-romantic painters and theater and opera designers. They moved to the United States.

Eugène fled the Russian revolution in 1918. In Paris encountered neo-romanticism and is influenced by the dreamlike style. Other neo-romantics include Christian Berard and Pavel Tchelitchev. His work is characterized by lonely landscapes featuring sculptural and architectural elements, often ruins, rendered in a neo-classical rather than contemporary manner. Then left for New York where he worked briefly and then lived in Los Angeles in the 1940s. In America worked as a stage designer for ballet and opera. Moved to Rome where he continued to paint until his death in 1972.

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