Pagellus erythrinus

Pagellus erythrinus

Pagellus erythrinus, or the common pandora, is a fish of the Sparidae family (sea bream). It is a popular food fish in Mediterranean countries, with delicate white flesh.

It has a slim, oval fusiform body, with a smallish mouth and scales covering its face. The eyes are smaller than those of Pagellus bogaraveo and Pagellus acarne. It is silver in colour with a pink tinge, particularly on its back. A typical specimen measures 10-30cm, but it can reach as much as 50cm in length.

The common pandora is a hermaphrodite, spending the first two years of its life as a female, and the third year as a male. It is omnivorous, but mainly feeds on smaller fish and benthic invertebrates.


The Atlantic Ocean, from Scandinavia to Cape Verde. Also the Mediterranean and the North Sea.


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