Paddy's Markets

Paddy's Markets MLR station, Sydney

Paddy's Markets (formerly Haymarket for the light rail stop and Powerhouse Museum for the monorail stop) is both a light rail stop and a neighbouring monorail stop on the Metro Light Rail and Metro Monorail lines in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The stations are located in Haymarket (near Sydney's Chinatown in a public square between the flea market type Paddy's Market and the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Light Rail Stop

The light rail station is located opposite the Paddy's Markets. There are two platforms, one for services to Lilyfield (or Star City between midnight and 6am), the other for services to Central. The station is at ground level (as the light rail runs on the street at this stage) and is only slightly raised from the ground.)

Monorail Stop

The monorail stop is next to the light rail stop and is attached to the Sydney Entertainment Centre and a pedestrian footbridge to the Powerhouse Museum.


Transfer between the two stops is by an easy walk. The stations are located directly opposite each other.

Neighbouring Stops

Preceding Stop
Following Stop
Capitol Square
Light Rail
World Square

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