PPG 15

PPG 15

PPG 15 is short for Planning Policy Guidance 15: Planning and the Historic Environment, a document produced by the British Government to advise local planning authorities on the treatment of historic buildings and the wider historic environment within the planning process. It was introduced in November 1990 following public outcry after a number of high profile scandals such as the threatened destruction of the Rose Theatre in London by developers. It replaced the earlier Circular 8/87 which was criticised for being ill-focused in both practical and geographical terms. Circulars 01/2001 and 09/2005, which discuss arrangements for handling heritage applications and that amend the existing PPG 15: Planning and the historic environment, were published September 1994.

A similar guideline known as PPG 16 exists for archaeology within the planning process. As of 2004 both documents are proposed to be combined into a single piece of guidance called a Planning Policy Statement.

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