PGen is an open source Sega Genesis emulator written in C++ programming language for PlayStation 2. It uses the Generator source code.

PGen is widely considered the only choice for a Sega Genesis on PS2 emulator. It is even endorsed by Datel and their Action Replay MAX product, and comes bundled with the MAX Media Creator.

Original Version

The original creator of PGen stopped work on the project and released the source code to the public in September 2004. This version includes all the files necessary to make a CD that would run on a PS2, and all it required was to burn those files.

Community Versions

Since then a few members of the gaming community have taken the source and improved its functionality. Version 1.4 the emulator allows booting and loading roms from either a USB Stick or the HDD.

The latest known community version is 1.5.1, released in march 2007 by Bruno "bootsector" Freitas. This version fix the CPU68K ABCD instruction bug.

PGen is usually started with one of the following two methods:

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