Panhwar or Panwar ( پنہوار ) are a Sindhi tribe in Sindh, Pakistan.


The Panhwars have been mentioned in the history several times and in the 18th century when the capital of Sindh was Khudabad Panhwars were rulers of Sindh for a short period of time.

In 1947, after the independence of Pakistan most of the Hindu Panhwar left for India.


Most of the Panhwar belong to the Islamic or Hindu faiths. Most of the Panhwar in Pakistan are Muslim, whilst those in India are Hindu.


The Panhwars constitute about 40% of Dadu District, Sindh. Panhwars live in all parts of Sindh like Hala and are engaged in agriculture, civil service, Defence Forces, Engineering, Medical and business.

Renowned Panhwars

M. H. Panhwar (Muhammad Hussain Panhwar) Late; Engineer, historian and agriculturist
Sani H. Panhwar; Member Sindh Council PPP,
Ghulam Qadir Panhwar
Professor Allah Bachoo Panhwar
Hajji Abdullah Panhwar
Ali Dino M. Panhwar
Muhammad Bushk Panhwar
Eng. Bashir Panhwer (late)
Dr. Abdul Wahab Panhwar (late)
Muhammad Saleem Panhwar
Raja Mumtaz Ali Panhwar
:Famous poets and social worker Rahat Murtaza Panhwar
Aftab Panhwar

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