Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. (sometimes un-punctuated as Ox Eagle Lion Man) is a British indie-rock band.


The band formed in 2006 following the break-up of Les Incompétents. Singer Frederick Blood-Royale, guitarist Jareth and bassist Thomas Gunnzs were joined on drums by Tobi O'Kandi, lead singer of oRPHANS fka Bono Must Die. After demos were recorded, O'Kandi left to be replaced by Eduard Quarmby. The band choose to release through Transgressive Records, who issued their debut single, "Motherhood/Fatherhood", (produced by Gordon Raphael) but remain unsigned.

They have played with Four Tet, Bono Must Die, The Polyphonic Spree, These New Puritans, Emmy The Great and have toured with Lightspeed Champion and The Scare.

They are not currently planning on recording an album, but are going to release a trilogy of EPs, or 'Opera' . 'The Lay Of the Land...' being Opus 1, with two more following that. A box set of all three, plus other material has been mentioned as a possibility for the future.

Opus 2; 'Obscured By A Setting Sun' is due to be released in November 2008.



"Motherhood" Directed by George Fafalios
"Fatherhood" Directed by Blake Claridge
"The Drowned & The Saved" Directed by Jamie Jones

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