Ovidi Montllor

Ovidi Montllor

Ovidi Montllor (February 4, 1942 - March 10, 1995) was a Valencian Spanish singer-songwriter and actor.

Known for his deep voice and his histrionic on-stage manners, Montllor was one of the most talented members of the Nova Cançó movement, albeit one of the least popular. As a result of the tributes paid to him by internationally renowned artists such as Miquel Gil and Pascal Comelade, an increasing attention has been drawn to him in the last few years.

Montllor's gift for acting allowed him to costar with Lola Gaos in José Luis Borau's Furtivos, one of the most important films in the history of Spanish cinema.

Early life


At the age of 24 he moved to Barcelona, where he played with independent groups of theater, like the CICF, and later with Núria Espert and Adrià Gual. In 1968 began to sing songs with lyrics by writers like Vincent Andrés Estellés, Pere Quart and himself.

Illness and death

Montllor died of esophageal cancer in Barcelona on March 10, 1995, at the age of 53. Five moths before, he had been paid an emotional homage in his hometown Alcoi.


In 2005, on the tenth anniversary of his death, a series of homages took place all over the Catalan Countries.

Also in 2005 Inadaptats, a catalan independentist music band, recordered a disc called "Homenatge a Ovidi" (A Tribute to Ovidi) with covers of 14 of his most famous songs.


Lists of accomplishments


Studio releases


  • "La Fera Ferotge" / "Llicó De Sumes i Verbs" / "Cançó De Les Balances" / "Cançó De Llaurador" (1968)
  • "Gola Seca" / "La Fàbrica Paulac" / "Cançó d'Amor" / "Història d'Un Amic" (1969)


  • Sol d'estiu / Ell (1971)


  • Un entre tants... (1972)
  • Crònica d'un temps (1973)
  • A Alcoi (1974)
  • Salvat-Papasseit per Ovidi Montllor (1975)
  • Ovidi Montllor diu 'Coral romput' (1979)
  • Bon vent... i barca nova! (1979)
  • 4.02.42 (1980)
  • Verí Good (posthumous, 2000; only one of its songs was finished, El Meu Poble Alcoi)

Live albums

  • Ovidi Montllor a l'Olympia (1975)
  • De manars i garrotades (1977)

Other releases

  • Ovidi Montllor... per sempre (anthology, 1995)
  • Antologia (exhaustive anthology, 2000)


  • Furia Española
  • Furtivos
  • Josafat (TV)
  • El beso de la mujer araña
  • La nova cançó
  • La ciutat cremada
  • L'obscura història de la cosina Montse
  • La portentosa vida del padre Vicent
  • La verdad sobre el caso Savolta
  • Companys, procés a Catalunya
  • L'hivernacle


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