Outtrim railway line, Victoria

Outtrim railway line, Victoria

The Outtrim railway line was a steam-era regional railway line in Victoria, Australia. It was also part of the former Great Southern Railway (South Gippsland line), branching from the current Pakenham line at Dandenong, extending out into the South Gippsland region, The Outtrim section of the line was opened in the early 1890s and branched off the main line just after Korumburra railway station.


The Outtrim Line was part of the former Great Southern Railway, South Gippsland line. The line was well known for its sharp curves and spectacular scenery, it was also one of the last lines to offer a 'Mixed Passenger and Goods' service in Victoria. This service continued to Yarram until the early 1980s.

The first sod of soil turned in the construction of the Outtrim railway was on the 6 of March, 1885, The line was then opened from Korumburra to Jumbunna in 1894 and the final section to Outtrim in 1896, it was developed as a branch off the main line at Korumburra Station(Korumburra). Its main purpose was to serve the coal mining areas around Outtrim. Shortly after line branched off at Korumburra it had a second branch going to Coal Creek. The Outtrim line was eventually closed in the early 1950s in two stages, on 4 September 1951 from Jumbunna to Outtrim and on 1 October 1953 from Jumbunna to Korumburra. The Outtrim line was closed at a time when Victorian Railways were closing many other short branch lines through out Victoria.

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