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Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81

Is There Anybody Out There? is an album released by Pink Floyd in 2000. It is a live rendition of The Wall, recorded by James Guthrie, with tracks selected from the August 1980 and June 1981 performances at Earls Court in London.

The shows actually involved the construction of a wall on stage, throughout the first half of the show. Once it was finished, members of the band performed in small openings in the wall, atop the wall, in front of the wall, or even behind the wall.

The album artwork featured the life-masks of the four members of Pink Floyd at the time, which were worn by the "surrogate band" during the songs "In the Flesh?" and "In the Flesh".


Is There Anybody Out There? contains live versions of all the original songs along with two additional songs: "What Shall We Do Now?" and "The Last Few Bricks". "What Shall We Do Now?" was actually planned for the original album, but removed just before release (it was left on the lyric sheet for the original LP, but excised from future CD re-releases.) "The Last Few Bricks", on the other hand, was an instrumental bridge between "Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)" and "Goodbye Cruel World" which contained themes from "The Happiest Days of Our Lives", "Don't Leave Me Now", "Young Lust" (transposed down, from E to D), and "Empty Spaces"/"What Shall We Do Now?", and was played onstage to allow the bricklayers to lay a considerable number of bricks missing to almost completely seal off the stage before Roger Waters appeared in the last one-brick-wide space in the wall to sing "Goodbye Cruel World", and end the first part of the show. Interestingly, before the release of the live album, this bridge never had an official title. Fans called the track "Almost Gone" on some bootleg albums of the shows, but the official name – "The Last Few Bricks" – was not used at the shows in 1980-1981, and instead was suggested to Roger Waters by producer James Guthrie during the mixing of the live album. There are also two spoken tracks both titled "" ("Master of Ceremonies" was the title on the first North American release), one occurring before "In the Flesh?" at the beginning of the album, and one before the reprise "In the Flesh", midway through the second half. These are performed by Gary Yudman, who was the MC for the Earls Court shows in 1980 and 1981 (he also MC'd the Nassau Coliseum performances of The Wall).

The tracks slightly differed from the album, primarily in terms of longer intros and extended solos. Due to the constraints of vinyl records, the band had been forced to severely edit many songs for the album, removing whole sections, many of which were restored in concert. "The Show Must Go On" had an extra verse that was deleted from the original studio recording (but included in the lyric sheet, even on the latest CD releases.) "Outside the Wall" was longer, not to mention re-arranged, with mandolin, clarinet, sleigh bells, and more natural-sounding vocal harmonies from the quartet of Joe Chemay, Jim Farber, Jim Haas, and John Joyce. (This would be the third official version of "Outside the Wall" available to the listener, following the extended orchestral version from the 1982 film.)

In July 2005, Is There Anybody Out There? was re-issued in the US and Canada. James Guthrie and Joel Plante supplied the label with new masters, and thus the mastering credit was changed from "Doug Sax and Gavin Lurssen" to Guthrie & Plante. The booklet features some songwriting updates and mentions that the MC: Atmos on disc one used a sample of ""We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn.

The album reached #19 on The Billboard 200 and went Platinum (1 million copies sold) in the US in May 2000.

This was the first (and only) Pink Floyd album which was not released on LP format. A limited edition vinyl picture disc was published a few months later, but it only included a few songs from the setlist.

Additional Information

  • During the Wall shows, Roger Waters made a few remarks about both the inflatable pig and the audience itself before "Run Like Hell". What is heard on the live album is actually a mix of two different dates: June 15, 1981, and June 17, 1981, both at Earl's Court, London.
  • At some shows, the "MC:Atmos" sections also included the announcement that people in the audience standing on their seats would be shot.
  • During the actual shows, the keyboards were mixed louder than on the live album, so that there was a clear balance between the keyboards and the guitars. In the official release, the keyboards are lower in the mix.
  • At the end of the recording, you can hear a fan shout for the group to play their hit song, Money. This is an allusion to Roger Waters' frustration at fans only wanting to hear them perform Money at live shows.
  • The MC:Atmos section that introduces the show can actually be heard in the background audio during the "Stop" scene in Pink Floyd The Wall: The Movie. As the security guard enters to wash his hands in the washroom you can hear Gary Yudman doing his introduction welcoming the crowd to Earl's Court et al.

Track listing

All songs by Roger Waters except as indicated.

Disc one

  1. "" (called "Master of Ceremonies" on original North American 2000 CD release) – 1:13
  2. "In the Flesh?" – 3:00
  3. "The Thin Ice" – 2:49
  4. "Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)" – 4:13
  5. "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" – 1:40
  6. "Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)" – 6:19
  7. "Mother" – 7:54
  8. "Goodbye Blue Sky" – 3:15
  9. "Empty Spaces" – 2:14
  10. "What Shall We Do Now?" – 1:40
  11. "Young Lust" (Waters/Gilmour) – 5:17
  12. "One of My Turns" – 3:41
  13. "Don't Leave Me Now" – 4:08
  14. "Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)" – 1:15
  15. "The Last Few Bricks" (Waters/Gilmour) – 3:26
  16. "Goodbye Cruel World" – 1:41

Disc two

  1. "Hey You" – 4:55
  2. "Is There Anybody Out There?" – 3:09
  3. "Nobody Home" – 3:15
  4. "Vera" – 1:27
  5. "Bring the Boys Back Home" – 1:20
  6. "Comfortably Numb" (Gilmour/Waters) – 7:26
  7. "The Show Must Go On" – 2:35
  8. "" (called "Master of Ceremonies" on original North American 2000 CD release) – 0:37
  9. "In the Flesh" – 4:23
  10. "Run Like Hell" (Gilmour/Waters) – 7:05
  11. "Waiting for the Worms" – 4:14
  12. "Stop" – 0:30
  13. "The Trial" (Waters/Ezrin) – 6:01
  14. "Outside the Wall" – 4:27


Pink Floyd:

  • David Gilmour - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, mandolin on "Outside the Wall"
  • Nick Mason - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar on "Outside the Wall"
  • Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, clarinet on "Outside the Wall"
  • Richard Wright - piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals, accordion on "Outside The Wall"


  • Andy Bown - bass guitar, acoustic guitar on "Outside the Wall"
  • Joe Chemay - backing vocals
  • Stan Farber - backing vocals
  • Jim Haas- backing vocals
  • John Joyce - backing vocals
  • Andy Roberts - guitars (1981 shows)
  • Snowy White - guitars (1980 shows)
  • Willie Wilson - drums, percussion
  • Peter Wood - keyboards, acoustic guitar on "Outside the Wall"
  • Gary Yudman - MC


Year Chart Position
2000 UK Albums Chart 15
2000 The Billboard 200 19
2000 Billboard's Top Internet Albums 1
2000 Norway's album chart 2


Year Single Chart Position
2000 "Young Lust" Mainstream Rock Tracks 13

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  • http://molm.org/wall/ - Site containing transcripts of Waters' speeches before Run Like Hell
  • http://pinkfloyd-co.com - Complete discography

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