Ouse. 1 Also Great Ouse, river, c.155 mi (250 km) long, rising in the Northampton Highlands, Northamptonshire, S central England. The Great Ouse flows generally NE past Bedford and Ely to the Wash near King's Lynn, Norfolk, and drains the E Midlands and the W Fens. It is navigable for two thirds of its length. 2 River, c.60 mi (100 km) long, formed by the confluence of the Ure and Swale rivers near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, NE England. It flows generally SE past York to join with the Trent River and form the Humber River. All of its chief tributaries rise in the Pennines. Navigable to York, the Ouse is an important commercial waterway.
Ouse is the name of more than one water body in Great Britain:

There is also a town named Ouse:

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