Otherware, sometimes called requestware, is a collective term referring to software that is not distributed as freeware, shareware or commercial software. Usually, otherware requests the user to do something other than paying to the software author; therefore, it may be considered a type of freeware. The action requested does not give the user any benefits, however, and the author can't really confirm that the user actually did what he was asked to do.

Types of otherware

The following are some types of otherware:

  • Abandonware refers to computer software that is no longer sold or supported, or whose copyright ownership may be unclear for various reasons.
  • Beerware, which requests the user to buy a beer for the software author.
  • Careware, which requests the user to benefit charity in some way.
  • Catware, which requests the user to pet one or several cats
  • Donateware, which requests the user to donate to a charitable cause in order to "register" the software.
  • E-mailware, which requests the user to send an e-mail to the author.
  • Greenware, which requests the user to help the environment to "register" the software.
  • Postcardware, which requests the user to send a postcard to the author.
  • Sisterware, which requires user to introduce his/her sister to the author.
  • Propagandaware, which requires user to view a message expressing the ideas and opinions of the author before being allowed to use it.

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