Ostracine is a Roman Catholic Titular bishopric and suffragan of Pelusium in the former (Egyptian) Roman province of Augustamnica prima.


Pliny the Elder (Hist. naturalis, V, xiv) places the town sixty-five miles from Pelusium. Ptolemy (IV, v, 6) locates it in Cassiotis, between Mount Cassius and Rhinocolura. Hierocles, George of Cyprus and other geographers always mention it as in Augustamnica. We learn from Josephus ("Bellum Jud.", IV, xi, 5) that Vespasian stopped there with his army on the way from Egypt into Palestine; the city then had no ramparts. It received its water from the Delta by a canal. A Roman garrison was stationed there. Le Quien (Oriens christianus, II, 545) speaks of three bishops, Theoctistus, Serapion and Abraham, who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. There is in this region, near the sea, a small town called Straki, which probably replaced Ostracine.


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