Dazai, Osamu, pseudonym of Shuji Tsushima, 1909-48, Japanese novelist. Considered one of the foremost fiction writers of 20th-century Japan, Dazai was noted for his ironic and gloomy wit, his obsession with suicide, and his brilliant fantasy. In the 1930s and 40s he wrote a number of subtle novels and short stories that are frequently autobiographical in nature. His first novel, Gyofukuki (1933), is a grim fantasy involving suicide. His stories, published as Bannen [declining years] (1936) describe his sense of personal isolation and his debauchery. In Otogi Zoshi (1945) he retold a number of old Japanese fairy tales with vividness and a trenchant wit. The decline of the Japanese nobility after World War II was his theme in The Setting Sun (1947, tr. 1956). He depicted a dissolute life in postwar Tokyo in Bion no Tsuma (1947). His No Longer Human (1948, tr. 1958) was a rephrasing of much autobiographical matter. Dazai committed suicide while working on a novel entitled Good-bye.
Shimomura, Osamu, 1928-, Japanese organic chemist and marine biologist, Ph.D. Nagoya Univ., 1960. Shimomura was a researcher at Princeton from 1960-82. Since then, he has been a professor at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., and at Boston Univ. Medical School. He shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien for their discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein (GFP). Shimomura is credited with being the first to isolate GFP (from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria) and to discover that the protein glows bright green under ultraviolet light. GFP's use as a biological marker for particular characteristics has made it one of the most important tools in contemporary bioscience.
is a masculine Japanese given name.

Possible writings

Osamu can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

  • 治 "reign"
  • 修 "discipline"
  • 理 "logic"
  • 収 "obtain"
  • 紀 "chronicle"
  • 統 "rule"

The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.

Real people

with the name Osamu

  • Osamu Adachi (理), a Japanese actor and a member of the acting group D-BOYS
  • Osamu Dazai (治), a Japanese author
  • Osamu Dezaki (統), a Japanese anime director
  • Osamu Fukutani (修), a Japanese film director
  • Osamu Jinguuji (治), the drummer of the Japanese band Remioromen
  • Osamu Matsuda (納), a Japanese professional wrestler
  • Osamu Muramatsu (修), a Japanese astronomer, and is a prolific discoverer of asteroids
  • Osamu Tezuka (治虫), a Japanese manga artist often credited as the "Father of Anime"

Fictional characters

with the name Osamu

  • Osamu Kamiyama (治), a character in the anime series Kamisama Kazoku
  • Osamu Kimizuka, a character in the shōnen-ai manga Loveless
  • Osamu Ichijouji, a character in the anime, Digimon.

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