Orthonopias triacis

Snubnose sculpin

The snubnose sculpin, Orthonopias triacis, is a fish of the sculpin family native to the eastern Pacific Ocean.


The snubnose sculpin reaches a maximum size of 10 cm. It has a blunt snout and visible scales from the top of the head to the first dorsal fin. It is spotted with colors in different shades of earthtone. It can change colors as camouflage, and the colors can vary substantially. Some of the scales along the lateral line have thread-like extensions.


The snubnose sculpin occurs in intertidal rocky areas in depths less than 30 meters. It reproduces moderately fast, with a doubling time between 1.4 and 4.4 years. It's range is from Monterey Bay, California to northern Baja California, Mexico.


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