Orodromeus makelai


Orodromeus was a genus of hypsilophodont dinosaur from Late Cretaceous North America (Campanian age). It was a small herbivore that probably coexisted with dinosaurs such as Daspletosaurus and Einiosaurus. It lived in what is now Montana some 75 million years ago. The type species, Orodromeus makelai, was described by Horner and Weishampel in 1988.

It has been speculated that this animal may have burrowed much like its relative Oryctodromeus, based upon the packing of their bones in situations where they typically would have been scattered.

In popular culture

Orodromeus is featured in the third episode of the Discovery Channel TV series Dinosaur Planet where it is shown to live in herds and is hunted by a pack of Troodon.


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