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Oridus Inc. was founded in 1997. Oridus pioneered in applying internet real time technologies to assist semiconductor and electronics design companies handle complicated collaboration tasks.

The debut of its flagship product, Spacecruiser, marked the first cross-platform web conference tool in the market. Together with Spacecruiser Server, the first deployable collaboration server that provides enterprise level secure management and collaboration solutions, this packaged server/client solutions enable multi-sites corporate with hybrid Windows and Unix environment to conduct business smoothly.

Because Oridus provides on-site software deployment, thus providing maximum IP security, its technology runs cross-platform; PC, UNIX, LINUX, HP-UX and IBM-AIX, and supports all applications.

Spacecruiser Web Conference module expands the collaboration horizon with pressence awareness function. It provides cost effective and manageable collaboration solutions with rich media capabilities that many corporate found them crucial in enhancing productivity.

The launch of NetTouch marks another milestone for Oridus. NetTouch is a leap into the future generation of enterprise communication software with an added bonus. It not only features a three-party conference call function, but also encompass all the collaboration capabilities of an Oridus product with instant messaging for presence awareness.

With a wide range of products and services to cater to any corporate environment or regular consumer, Oridus is committed to offering the best experience ever to anyone using an Oridus product.


MebesCruiser is an interactive Web-based mask database viewer written and distributed by Oridus Inc. It provides major navigation and browsing features and reads the industry-standard Mebes and Jobdeck format database. It can serve as a single user Mebes viewer or conference mode viewer, which makes communication possible among different parties over the Internet.

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