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Introduction Inc is a well known online retailer for products that offer storage and organization solutions for homes, offices and businesses . With a philosophy of making one’s life simpler and more organized, the company is today, a leading web retailer and has been rated among the top 500 web retailers in their latest edition .


The company, founded in 1998, started out as Organize Everything, a retail store in Riverside, CA. With a floor space of , the store sold all kinds of products for kitchen, bath, laundry, garage, and other home and office related products. All products were designed to provide better storage and help organize things, whether in home or office. Terry Shearer, who is the founder of this company, always had a passion for gadgets and in being ‘neat’. According to the company’s website, Terry got interested in the world of storage and organization. After a fulfilling career in the insurance industry, he decided to come up with his own store which would sell storage and organization products and thus Organize Everything came into existence.

Beginning as an online retailer

Within a year of their inception, Organize Everything decided to sell some of their products on the internet, the decision was a successful one. Couple of years later, the company came up with another website, which was then followed by The enormous success of the company with the online retailing in the early days paved the way for the future. With time, the company’s online sales overtook that of the retail store. July 2003 saw the merger of the online wing with the retail store and subsequently the addition of a space for the internet processing center, few miles away from the store.


According to the company, the sales strategy has been re-thought to focus more on online merchandising. Keeping in line with one of the main philosophy of making the shopping experience “Clean, Neat and Easy”, this privately owned company renamed itself in 2005 . The idea being that the name is easy to remember and goes well with the company’s aim of providing its consumer with products that help organizing their homes, offices better. The company’s online product catalog lists over 5700 different products ranging from the usual storage and organization products to seasonal gift items .


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