Oregon Book Awards

Oregon Book Award

The Oregon Book Awards are presented annually by Literary Arts, Inc. for "the finest accomplishments by Oregon writers who work in genres of poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, drama and young readers literature."


Oregon Book Award was founded in 1987 by Brian Booth and Oregon Institute for Literary Arts. In 1993, Literary Arts, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Oregonians through language and literature, joined with the Oregon Institute for Literary Arts and continued to support and promote Oregon's authors with the book awards and Oregon Literary Fellowships. Award winners are selected based solely on literary merit by out-of-state judges.


Award for fiction

2002: The Necessary Grace to Fall: Stories by Gina Ochsner
2001: Throwing Knives by Molly Best Tinsley
2000: Storm Riders by Craig Lesley
1999: Like Never Before by Ehud Havazelet
1998: The Ugliest House in the World by Peter Ho Davies
1997: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
1996: What Falls Away by Tracy Daugherty
1995: Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee
1994: Arabian Jazz by Diana Abu-Jaber
1993: Dreams Like Thunder by Diane Simmons
1992: Searoad by Ursula K. Le Guin
1991: (no award given)
1990: The Jump-off Creek by Molly Gloss
1989: Cardinal Numbers by Hob Broun
1988: Within Normal Limits by Todd Grimson
1987: Resurrectionists by Russell Working

Ken Kesey Award for the Novel

2007: Twenty Questions by Alison Clement
2006: The Best People in the World: A Novel by Justin Tussing
2005: How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, and Musical Theater by Marc Acito
2004: Axeman's Jazz by Tracy Daugherty
2003: His Mother's Son by Cai Emmons

H. L. Davis Award for Short Fiction

2007: The Dead Fish Museum by Charles D'Ambrosio
2006: People I Wanted to Be by Gina Ochsner
2005: Resistance by Barry Lopez
2004: Saving Stanley by Scott Nadelson
2003: It Takes a Worried Man by Tracy Daugherty

Award for Literary Nonfiction

2001: When Broken Glass Floats by Chanrithy Him
2000: The Night Gardener by Marjorie Sandor
1999: The Left Hand of Eden by William Ashworth
1998: Making It Home by Lars Nordström
1997: Looking After by John Daniel
1996: Volcano by Garrett Hongo
1995: Voyage of a Summer Sun by Robin Cody
1994: Stubborn Twig by Lauren Kessler
1993: The Trail Home by John Daniel
1992: No Duty to Retreat by Richard M. Brown
1991: Wings for My Flight by Marcy Cottrell Houle (co-winner)
1991: My Country, My Right to Serve by Mary Ann Humphrey (co-winner)
1990: Baja Journey by Robin Carey
1989: A Golden Journey by Luther Cressman
1988: Faces of a Reservation by Cynthia Stowell
1987: Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez

Frances Fuller Victor Award for General Nonfiction

2007: Democracy Reborn: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Fight for Equal Rights in Post-Civil War America by Garrett Epps
2006: Modern Passings: Death Rites, Politics, and Social Change in Imperial Japan by Andrew Bernstein
2005: Plague and Fire: Battling Black Death and the 1900 Burning of Honolulu's Chinatown by James C. Mohr
2004: In Search of Ancient Oregon by Ellen Morris Bishop
2003: Dispatches and Dictators: Ralph Barnes for the Herald Tribune Dispatches and Dictators: Ralph Barnes for the Herald Tribune by Barbara S. Mahoney
2002: My Wars Are Laid Away in Books by Alfred Habegger

Sarah Winnemucca Award for Creative Nonfiction

2007: The Things Between Us by Lee Montgomery
2006: When the River Ran Wild! Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation by George Aguilar
2005: The Pine Island Paradox by Kathleen Dean Moore
2004: The Stuff of Life by Karen Karbo
2003: Providence of a Sparrow by Chris Chester (co-winner)
2003: In The Shadow Of Memory by Floyd Skloot (co-winner)
2002: My Wars Are Laid Away in Books by Alfred Habegger

Stafford/Hall Award for Poetry

2007: The Sky Position by Tom Blood
2006: Facts About the Moon by Dorianne Laux
2005: Leaving by Laton Carter
2004: Men Holding Eggs by Henry Hughes
2003: The Play of Dark and Light by Rita Ott Ramstad
2002: In The Margins Of The World by Willa Schneberg
2001: The Evening Light by Floyd Skloot
2000: Passion by Judith Montgomery
1999: Ruining the Picture by Pimone Triplett
1998: Cocktails with Brueghel at the Museum Café by Sandra Stone
1997: Drawing the Line by Lawson Fusao Inada
1996: Journeyman's Wages by Clemens Starck
1995: Poem Rising Out of the Earth and Standing Up in Someone by James Grabill
1994: Lauds (book) by Tom Crawford
1993: A Book of Other Days by Lisa M. Steinman
1992: Selected Poems by Vern Rutsala
1991: Psyche Drives the Coast by Sharon Doubiago
1990: Toluca Street by Maxine Scates
1990: Dreamer (book) by Primus St. John
1989: The Admiration's by Lex Runciman
1988: Singing the Mozart Requiem by Ingrid Wendt
1987: Seal Rock by John Haislip

Angus L. Bowmer Award for Drama

2007: (no award given)
2006: Arthur's Dreams by Richard Moeschl
2005: (no award given)
2004: Vitriol and Violets by Shelly Lipkin, Louanne Moldovan and Sherry Lamoreaux
2003: (no award given)
2002: (no award given)
2001: Lost and Found by Dori Appel
2000: Wonderbroads by Melinda Pittman
1999: The Lunatic Within by Dori Appel
1998: Freud's Girls by Dori Appel
1997: Drawing Down Clio by Doug Baldwin
1996: Picasso in the Backseat by D. Roberts
1995: (no award given)
1994: A Pirate's Lullaby by Jessica Litwak
1993: (no award given)
1992: The Disappearance and Death of Amelia Earhart by E.J. Westlake
1991: (no award given)
1990: Five Minute Wars by Sharon Whitney
1989: Holding Patterns by Dan Duling
1988: The Second Coming of Joan of Arc by Carolyn Gage

Award for Young Readers Literature

2002: Empress of the World by Sara Ryan
2001: True Believer by Virginia Euwer Wolff
2000: The Gate in the Wall by Ellen Howard
1999: A Voice from the Border by Pamela Smith Hill
1998: Shark Bait by Graham Salisbury
1997: The Moorchild by Eloise McGraw
1996: Journey of the Red Wolf by Roland Smith
1995: Under the Blood-Red Sun by Graham Salisbury
1994: Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff
1993: Blue Skin of the Sea by Graham Salisbury
1992: The Striped Ships by Eloise McGraw
1991: Four Dollars and Fifty Cents by Eric Kimmel
1990: Dragonís Milk by Susan Fletcher

Eloise Jarvis McGraw Award for Children’s Literature

2007: Not in Room 204 by Shannon Riggs
2006: Tour America by Diane Siebert
2005: Cave Paintings to Picasso by Henry Sayre
2004: Luba by Michelle McCann
2003: Three Samurai Cats by Eric Kimmel

Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature

2007: Alphabet of Dreams by Susan Fletcher
2006: Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury
2005: A Heart for Any Fate by Linda Crew
2004: Deep by Susanna Vance
2003: The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed by Heather Vogel Frederick
2002: Empress of the World by Sara Ryan

Special Award Winners

1995: Wilma Erwin
1994: Ralph Friedman
1992: Paul Pintarich
1991: Don James
1990: Mary Barnard
1989: George Venn
1988: William Everson

Charles Erskine Scott Wood Distinguished Writer Award

2006: Ursula K. Le Guin
2003: George Hitchcock
1999: Ken Kesey
1998: Priscilla Knuth
1996: Eloise McGraw
1995: Damon Knight
1994: Early Pomeroy
1993: Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.
1992: Terence O'Donnell
1991: Walt Morey
1990: Janet Stevenson
1989: Vi Gale
1988: Dorothy Johansen
1987: George Belknap

Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award

2007: Kim Stafford
2006: Paulann Petersen
2005: Barbara LaMorticella
2004: David Milholland
2003: David Hedges
2002: Carla Perry
2001: Erik Muller
2000: Rich Wandschneider
1999: Peter Sears
1998: Dennis & Linny Stovall
1997: Ruth Gundle & Judith Barrington
1996: Brian Booth
1995: Tom Ferte
1994: George Venn
1993: Penny Avila
1992: Clyde Rice
1991: Walt Curtis
1990: Sandra Williams
1989: Katharine McCanna
1988: Calyx, A Journal of Art & Literature
1987: Northwest Review

Walt Morey Young Readers Literary Legacy Award

2007: Mark Mizell
2006: John Monteverde
2005: Carol Brown
2004: Patricia R. Gallagher
2003: Jerry Isom
2002: Ready to Learn
2001: Oregon advisory boards of First Book
2000: Cathy Schneider
1999: Claudia Jones
1998: Barbara J. McKillip


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