Orca Class patrol vessels

Orca class patrol vessel

The Orca-class Patrol Craft are new training and patrol vessels being built for the Canadian Forces Maritime Command. A $70 million CAD contract for six vessels, with an option for a further two, was awarded in early November 2004 to Victoria Shipyards.

The new ships are replacements for the aging wooden-hulled YAG (Yard Auxiliary, General) 300 series training boats, which were built in the 1950s. As such, their primary role will be training junior regular and reserve naval officers, as well as at sea familiarization training for Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. All vessels of the class will be based at CFB Esquimalt in British Columbia.

The ship's design shares the same basic hull design of the Australian Pacific-class patrol boat, but with a minor hull stretch to meet CF requirements. The superstructure design for the Orca class training vessels is all new and is also designed to accommodate CF training requirements. The hull is made of steel, which is more durable than the old YAG's which had a wooden hull.

Although they were designed with the Junior Officer Training requirement in mind, they may also provide a secondary inshore patrol capability on the West Coast. At , these vessels will be faster than the Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel (MCDV), but slower than many purpose-built patrol vessels such as the US Coast Guard Island Class cutter.

Orca, the lead hull of the class, was delivered to CFB Esquimalt on November 9, 2006, and formally accepted by the Navy on November 17, 2006 in a ceremony at the base. Acceptance ceremonies were not held for any of the remaining seven vessels; they were simply delivered to the base.

Ships in class

Name Launch date Delivery date Status
Orca (PCT 55) Aug 9, 2006 Nov 17, 2006 In service
Raven (PCT 56) Jan 10, 2007 Mar 15, 2007 In service
Caribou (PCT 57) May 2, 2007 Jul 31, 2007 In service
Renard (PCT 58) Aug 1, 2007 Sep 13, 2007 In service
Wolf (PCT 59) Oct 22, 2007 Nov 29, 2007 In service
Grizzly (PCT 60) Feb 14, 2008 Mar 19, 2008 In service
Cougar (PCT 61) Under construction
Moose (PCT 62) Under construction

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