Orbitsville (ISBN 0-330-25013-2), published in 1975, is a science fiction novel by Bob Shaw about the discovery of a Dyson Sphere. This is a classic Big Dumb Object story, where the sense of wonder of the discovery of a sphere surrounding a star with a habitable surface area equivalent to five billion Earths powers the story. It has won the 1976 British Science Fiction Award for the best novel. Shaw wrote two sequels, Orbitsville Departure (ISBN 0-671-69831-1), in 1983, and Orbitsville Judgement in 1990.


  • Dutch: "Het Stalen Paradijs", 1979, ISBN 90-6317-881-6.
  • Russian: "Орбитсвиль", "Отбытие Орбитсвиля", "Судный день Орбитсвиля", 1995, ISBN 5-88196-349-0

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