Orbiter (ride)

Orbiter (ride)

The Orbiter is a fairground ride invented by Richard Woolls in 1976.

It has a number of articulated arms radiating from a central rotating vertial axis. Each arm supports a cluster of cars, which are lifted through 90° into the horizontal position once the ride is spinning. At the same time, each cluster of cars rotates around its arm's axis.

Some Carnivals/Amusement Parks With these Rides

  • Orbiter-- Perry Fair--Perry, Georgia
  • Flying Machine (Orbiter without top)--Busch Gardens Europe
  • Orbiter--NAME (Cooke's Amusements)
  • Orbiter--Seattle Center
  • Sandstorm (Orbiter without top)--Busch Gardens Africa
  • Typhoon--Murphy Brothers
  • Vortex--Adventureland in UK
  • Orbiter--Mighty Bluegrass Shows, Bill Hames Shows
  • Typhoon--World's Finest Shows


  • The Orbiter is made by Tivoli manufacturing, a British company. In the U.S. their representative is Amtech.
  • The Orbiter comes in at least three different names. The names are the Orbiter, Predator, and Typhoon. The Orbiter and Predator both have a cylinder ball on top (if they didn't take it off), and the Typhoon has lightning bolts.
  • The Orbiter/Typhoon/Predator arms don't always tilt at the same height (90%). Some might tilt all the way while others don't tilt a lot.
  • Most Orbiters consist of six arms, and have three cars for each arm with up to two people sitting in each car.
  • There is a metal lap bar that comes down on the car for the restraint.
  • The Extreme Orbiter is actually called a Remix. It's a completely different experience.


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