Orascom Telecom Holding

Orascom Telecom Holding

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. is the first multinational Egyptian corporation. It is one of the core Orascom Group companies, and considered among the largest and most diversified network operators in the Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

OTH is considered among the largest and most diversified network operators in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, and has acquired in early 2008 a license to operate mobile services in North Korea. Orascom Telecom is a leading mobile telecommunications company operating in six emerging markets having a population under license of 430 million with an average penetration of mobile telephony across all markets of approximately 40%. OTH operates GSM networks in Algeria (Djezzy), Pakistan (Mobilink), Egypt (Mobinil), Tunisia (Tunisiana), Bangladesh (Banglalink) and Zimbabwe (Telecel Zimbabwe). OTH had exceeded 74 million subscribers as of March 2008.

Orascom Telecom is traded on the Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange under the symbol (ORTE.CA, ORAT EY), and on the London Stock Exchange its GDR is traded under the symbol (ORTEq.L, OTLD LI).

Orascom has also expanded into the 2G business of Hutchison International and has a 19.3% stake within the company. Orascom executives have 2 places within the Board of HTIL (The stake was sold in 2007 which made a capital profit of 600 million USD more than 24 % in the deal which was 100 % debt financeed). Orascom has also extended its operation into Brussels, Belgium through subsidiaries that are researching and developing WiMax techonology, the future successor of the current WiFi wireless internet system. Companies of Orascom Telecom other than networks are:

  • OTV - A satellite TV station
  • Onkosh - Orascom's Internet search engine optimized for Arab users
  • Mobinil WiFi - WiFi hotspot coverage in cafes and restaurants in Egypt
  • submarine communications cable - ABC news reports that orascom telecom is entering the submarine cable market and will start working soon

Contracts in Iraq

"The Guardian" has noted that Nadhmi Auchi had helped Orascom Telecom (which owns Djezzy GSM) gain a contract to set-up mobile phone networks in post-Saddam's Iraq .


Orascom Telecom Holding is managed by Weather Investments S.P.a. which also holds more than 50% of it. Weather Investments also owns:

  • Wind Telecomunicazioni S.P.a., the third largest mobile operator in Italy (bought May 2005).
  • WIND Hellas (formerly TIM Hellas), the third largest mobile operator in Greece (bought April 2007).
  • Tellas, the largest alternative fixed telephony provider in Greece (initially 50% plus one share owned, with the rest 50% minus one share purchased in July/August 2007).
  • LINKdotNET, an Egyptian Internet company
  • M-Link Teleport, an international carrier based in Belgium, also official gateway of Orascom group for international voice/data traffic

Possible sale

In December 2007, it emerged that Orascom chief executive Naguib Sawiris had appointed a team of investment bankers to study options for Orascom, including a trade auction. Valued at about $17 billion (£8.4 billion), including debt, early discussions had taken place with T-Mobile, and other interested parties according to London's Sunday Times included Vodafone, Spain's Telefonica and France's Orange.


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