Optonica was a subdivision of Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp that made high end hi-fi products systems.


The Optonica brand was created and first launched by Sharp in 1976 as a separate high-end brand to imitate quality with Technics (Panasonic), Fisher (Sanyo), Nakamichi, Sansui, and Sony. It released a second line of high-end devices in 1979, and a final line with already declining quality in 1980. The last product released under the Optonica brand name was the DAT recorder, RX-100. The Optonica brand was used once again in 1988 for higher-end CRT TVs and VHS VCRs until 1991 when it was phased out completely.


Optonica's products were mainly hi-fi components such as single and dual cassette decks, receivers and amplifiers. Later Optonica products released in 1988 to 1991 include 20", 27", 32" CRT TVs, and VHS / S-VHS VCRs.


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