Opisthacanthus rugiceps

Opisthacanthus rugiceps

Opisthacanthus rugiceps is a medium-sized (around 10 centimeters / 3.94 inches) scorpion native to southern Africa. It is an arboreal scorpion which is mainly found in humid forests, more specifically under fallen logs or in natural cavities of the trees. This species is characterized by the flatness of its body compared to its size, a characteristic shared by other members of the Hemiscorpiidae family, especially Hadogenes sp..

Captive care

Opisthacanthus rugiceps can be housed in a medium-sized vivarium. Peat should be used for substrat as it supports a high level of humidity without molding. Some branches or pieces of bark must be included in the vivarium as this scorpion spends most of its time above the ground. A small cup of water should be provided to ensure an adequate level of humidity (60%-70%). O. rugiceps does not require high temperatures, and do best at 25 °C-30 °C (77 °F-86 °F). As with all scorpions, this species can be fed most types of small insects, though crickets remain the most common choice.


This scorpion is very calm, and can safely be housed communally. Fights between specimens are rare, as are displays of agressivity towards its keeper. The toxicity of its venom is extremely low, and its claws are typically too small to inflict anything more serious than a pinch. These characteristics make O. rugiceps a good choice for beginners who have never cared for a scorpion before.

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