Опиум (Opioom (or Opium in English)) is the third released single by Russian girl band Serebro. Given to its order of release, the song is nicknamed "Song #3" after its predecessors "Song #1" and "Song #2" (Дыши). This is the fourth song to be made public from Serebro's upcoming album after "What's Your Problem?" was performed at the RMA on 4th October 2007.


On the 13th March 2008 Serebro announced on their official website that they will be releasing their third (official) single "Опиум". The site says that the song premiered on a Russian morning radio show 'BrigadaU' on Europa Plus radio and that until March 17th Europa Plus had exclusive rights to play the song.

The song Опиум is available to download for free (as are other serebro songs) on the official Serebro website

On the 2nd May 2008 Serebro announced on their official website that the new music video of Opium will debut on MUV-TV, 7th May 2008. They also mention that this date is the day after their producer's (Maxim Fadeev) birthday.


The song is currently on rotation in Russia and was first placed at #47 on the Russian Airplay Chart and #88 on the Moscow Airplay Chart on downloads (and requests) alone.

Album Title Chart positions
Russia Ukraine Moscow
TBA Опиум 1 25 2


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