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Open GI

Open GI is a software company based in Warndon, Worcester. The company was recently formed after a management buyout, separating it from parent PLC Misys. The main funding for the MBO was provided by Montagu Private Equity.

Open GI supplies both a proprietary software solution to the Insurance Broking market, as well as a Windows based solution. Open GI has the largest market share in the UK. Systems used to run solely on Misys-supplied (and maintained) TRIPOS servers. Today the TRIPOS based solution is also deployed in a Linux based environment on standard hardware.

The architecture of TRIPOS dates back to the late 1970s and Open GI are the only known company to implement and maintain the platform. Its uniqueness isolates the system from almost any threat of security breach by hackers. However, the company has in the past received criticism from the inevitable but high degree of vendor lock-in resulting from this.

Smaller brokers typically have their entire IT systems maintained by Open G I, whereas medium-to-large businesses have separate contracts with dedicated IT support companies or their own internal systems management. This can result in a challenge for the latter type when their systems need non-standard configuration which can often interfere with security standards. For example, the main terminal emulation application application requires local administrator access on machines and does not officially support Windows XP or Windows Vista. Administrators have complained of archaic software architecture, with use of INI files instead of the Registry for storing parameters and poor support for Roaming Profiles or multiple monitors.

Open GI has also lately introduced greater levels of interoperability with other (typically Windows) platforms through development of XML technologies. Users can purchase a sink component to export database lines to SQL Server. The component sells for around four thousand pounds.

Towergate has now acquired Open International Limited


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