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MSN Mobile includes mobile information and communications services for mobile devices from Microsoft as part of their MSN and Windows Live range of services. Many MSN sites can be directly accessed from mobile devices.

MSN Mobile product offerings originate from two mobile-focused groups within Microsoft's online services division. The oldest group, named Windows Live Mobile, primarily delivers SMS and WAP-based services. The newer group, MSN Mobile, started in August 2006 focused on bringing MSN premium and user generated content to mobile devices via both mobile browse and client applications.

There are two ways MSN Mobile can be accessed:

  • Mobile Browsing
  • Mobile Application


Mobile browsing

Mobile Browsing allows users to access MSN content and services optimized for their mobile devices. Users can:

  • Get MSNBC breaking news
  • View latest FOX Sports highlights and scores
  • Catch up on latest MSN entertainment, celebrity and movie news
  • Watch videos from the MSN Video service
  • Find local movie and showtimes in the user's local area
  • Get local weather forecast
  • Check their daily horoscope
  • Search the web for information
  • Chat with online buddies with Windows Live Messenger
  • Get maps and driving directions
  • Peruse Windows Live Spaces Mobile
  • Get answers to questions

Mobile application

MSN Mobile client software is preloaded on many newer PDA and phones. Some carriers charge a premium to access this service. The client software usually allows IM and email access; some versions provide access to Spaces and Search as well.

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