Onda Verde

Onda Verde

State: São Paulo
Microrregion: São José do Rio Preto
Founded: 1964
Location: 20.6/20°30'0" S, 49.295/49°17'43" W
Area: 244.19 km²
Population: 3,719 (2004)
Ranked 258th
Population density: 15.23/km²
Postal code: 15450-xxx
Area/distance code: (00)55-16
Website: www.ondaverde.sp.gov.br

Onda Verde (meaning green wave) is a municipality/county in the northern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2004 is 3,719 and the area is 244.19 km². The elevation is 534 m.


Nova Granada has schools or a collegiate, high schools, churches, banks and a few parks.

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