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Olivier de Clisson

Olivier de Clisson

Clisson, Olivier de, 1336-1407, French soldier, b. Brittany. He fought on the English side in the War of the Breton Succession but entered the French service as companion in arms to Bertrand Du Guesclin. In 1380 he became constable of France. He defeated (1382) the insurgents of Ghent under Philip van Artevelde at Roosebeke (modern-day Westrozebeke). One of the Marmousets, he made use of his position to satisfy his boundless avidity; he became one of the richest men of his time. After King Charles VI became (1392) insane, Clisson retired to Brittany, where he served as guardian of the duchy after the death (1399) of Duke John de Montfort.
Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson is a village and commune in the Loire-Atlantique département of north-western France.

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