Oliver the Eighth

Oliver the Eighth

Oliver The Eighth is a 1934 short film comedy starring Laurel and Hardy. It was directed by Lloyd French, produced by Hal Roach and distributed by MGM.


Barbers Laurel and Hardy advertise for a soulmate; while posting their letters, Ollie posts his letter instead of Stan's. Ollie is successful in his plight, and is offered marriage. Unfortunately, the woman involved is a mass murderess, who has previously killed seven other men by the name of Oliver after she was jilted on the eve of her wedding by a man of the same Christian name years earlier; she vowed she would take revenge on every other Oliver that crosses her path afterwards. Stan joins Ollie at the woman's mansion after selling the barbershop for a gold brick and some nuts. The woman reveals her murderous intentions to the boys; they find a gun in the bedroom they are staying in. Ollie gets knocked out by the gold brick and is about to have his throat cut when at that moment, it is all revealed as a dream, with Ollie having fallen asleep in the barber's chair.


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