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Oliver, Baltimore

Oliver is a neighborhood in the Eastern district of Baltimore, Maryland. Its boundaries are the south side of North Avenue, the east side of Ensor Street, the west side of Broadway, and the north side of Biddle Street. The neighborhood lies east of the historic Greenmount Cemetery. Oliver in the last century has experienced economic depression, housing abandonment, crime, and racial rioting. Its residents are largely lower income African Americans, was a filming location for the Baltimore based HBO drama The Wire, and was the home of the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party.


According to the 2000 census, the neighborhood had a total population of 5,475 people; 98.4% African-American, 0.6% White, 0.3% Asian, and 0.7% from some other or multiple ethnicities.

Though the area was once considered middle-class, it has in the last century experienced economic depression and housing abandonment. As of 2000, 25.0% of all housing units were vacant.

Several organizations are attempting to revitalize the area, including the Oliver Community Association and the Oliver Economic Development Corporation.

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