Olga Rocks

List of rocks in Western Australia, O-S

This is a list of rocks in Western Australia. It includes all gazetted rocks, boulders, pinnacles, crags, needles, pillars, rock formations, and tors in Western Australia, both inland and offshore. It does not include monoliths gazetted as mounts or hills, such as Mount Augustus.

This list is complete with respect to the 1996 Gazetteer of Australia. Dubious names have been checked against the online 2004 data, and in all cases confirmed correct. However, if any rocks have been gazetted or deleted since 1996, this list does not reflect these changes. Strictly speaking, Australian place names are gazetted in capital letters only; the names in this list have been converted to mixed case in accordance with normal capitalisation conventions. Locations are as gazetted; obviously some large rock formations may extend over large areas.

See List of rocks in Western Australia for more.


Name Coordinates Remarks
O'Loughlin Rock
Oakey Rock
Olby Rock
Old Cow Rock
Old Man Rock
Olga Rocks
Oliver Rock
One Tree Rock
Ongerup Rock
Orange Rock
Orton Rock
Outer 7 Foot Rock
Outer Rock
Outer Rocks
Overhanging Rock
Oyster Rock
Oyster Rock
Oyster Rock
Oyster Stacks


Name Coordinates Remarks
Painted Rocks
Pallarup Rocks
Palyarra Rock
Parker Rock
Parkyerring Rock
Passage Rock
Passage Rock
Patt Rock
Pavement Rock
Pearce Rock
Pedan Rocks
Peedhal Rocks
Pelican Rock
Pelican Rock
Pelican Rocks
Penguin Rock
Perkins Rock
Perseverance Rocks
Peter Rock
Petersen Rock
Petrified Forest
Petrudor Rocks
Phillip Rock
Pigeon Rocks
Pilaming Rock
Pillar Rock
Pillar Rock
The Pimple
Pindaring Rocks
Pine Tree Rocks
Pinerngutta Rock
Pingeculling Rock
Pinjardinia Rock
Pinnacle Rock
Pinnacle Rocks
The Pinnacles
Pittosporum Rock
Plover Rock
Pointer Rock
Poison Rocks
Police Rock
Pompey's Pillar
Ponier Rock
Ponton Rock
Poodada Rocks
Poor Cat Rocks
Popes Nose Rock
Porpoise Rocks
Portal Rock
Pot Rock
Prancing Rocks
Prudhoe Rocks
Puntaping Rock
Purnta Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Quairnie Rock
Querkedda Rock
Quinns Rocks
Quins Castle
Quoin Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Raes Rock
Rainy Rocks
Ransonnet Rocks
Rattigan Rocks
Rays Rock
Rays Rocks
Recherche Rock
Red Granite Rock
Red Rock
Red Rock
Red Rock
Red Rock
Red Roo Rock
Retreat Rock
Rice Rocks
Right Whale Rock
Rimolin Rocks
Ringbolt Rock
Rip Rock
Ripple Rock
Robber Rocks
Roe Rock
Roes Rock
Roly Rock
Ronsard Rocks
Rowboat Rock
Rowley Rock
Rug Rock
Rundle Rock
Russell Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Sail Rock
Sail Rock
Sailor Rock
Sandalwood Rock
Sandalwood Rocks
Sandford Rocks
Sandplain Rocks
Santo Rock
Scamp Rock
Scobell Rocks
Scorpion Rock
Scotsman Rock
Scott Rocks
Scrivener Rocks
Seal Rock
Seal Rock
Seal Rock
Sealion Rock
Second Rock
Second Sister
Seeneys Rocks
Sewell Rock
Shag Rock
Shag Rock
Shag Rock
Shag Rock
Shag Rocks
Shark Rock
Sheoak Rock
Sheridan Rocks
Ship Rock
Ship Rock
The Sisters
Skeleton Rock
Skippy Rock
Skull Rock
Slippery Rock
Smith Rock
Smith Rocks
Smooth Rocks
Snake Rock
Sold Rocks
South East Rocks
South East Rocks
South Rock
South Ronsard Rocks
South West Rock
South West Rock
South West Rock
Spear Rock
Sphinx Rock
Sphinx Rock
Spinifex Rock
Split Rock
Split Rock
Split Rock
Split Rock
Split Rocks
Split Rocks
Spout Rock
Spring Granite
Square Rock
Square Rock
Star Rock
Star Rocks
Steamer Rock
Steep Rocks
Stennet Rock
Stewart Rocks
Straggler Rocks
Strawberry Rocks
Style Rock
Submarine Rock
Sugarloaf Rock
Sugg Rock
Sulphur Rock
Sunday Surprise Rocks
Sunk Rocks
Surface Rock
Surprise Rock
Swadling Rocks
Swallow Rock
Swan Rock
Sweep Rock
Swell Rocks
Swirl Rock

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