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Rhymesayers Entertainment is an independent hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, co-founded in 1995 by Sean Daley, Anthony Davis, Brent Sayers, Musab S'ad Ali and Derek Turner.

The label is mainly composed of native Minnesotans as well as nationally recognized artists including Soul Position and MF Doom, who has released one disc (MM..Food?) for the label. It is the largest hip-hop label in Minneapolis and has a friendly relationship with the Doomtree crew. P.O.S. of Doomtree is signed as a solo artist to Rhymesayers.

In 1999, the label opened its own record store called The Fifth Element, located in Uptown, Minneapolis. The store is a staple of hip hop in the Twin Cities, selling independent and commercial hip hop, but also specializing in local music.

On the 9th of March, 2007, Rhymesayers Entertainment signed a promotion, marketing and distribution deal with Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group.

Releases for 2007 include EP's from Atmosphere and full length highly acclaimed albums from Brother Ali and Mac Lethal.

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