Oil Imperium

Karsten Obarski

Karsten Obarski (born May 11 1965), handle "Obi", is considered a pioneer of the demoscene for the creation of the music creation program "Ultimate Soundtracker", the ancestor of all tracker programs.


Contrary to his significance for the scene, relatively little is known about his personal life. He wrote Soundtracker for his work at ReLINE (located in Hannover/Germany) and Rainbow Arts, where he was responsible for the creation of game music (see the list below) and programming. Later on he worked for a media agency called 'Corporate Media' or COME (also located in Hannover), where he developed Video-Editing Software for Amiga like 'FreezeFrame' (a Remote-Software to control a Laserdisc Writer/Player from Sony) and 'ImageBulk'(a Remote-Software to feed a Lasergraphics Digital Film Recorder , with RGB 24Bit Data). There was also a Software to synchronize a Betamax Player/Mixer with the Laserdisc Player from Sony. He left the scene somewhere in the mid-1990s and is now working in the electronics business. He still does music in his free time and is planning to release a CD.


The song links all point to their appropriate Nectarine pages, where you can download most of them.

Game Music

Composed And Arranged By Karsten Obarski

Arranged By Karsten Obarski

  • Defender Of The Crown (1986)

Composed By Karsten Obarski

  • Dyter 07 (C64 1990)
  • Legend of Faerghail, The (C64 1990)

Other Pieces By Karsten Obarski


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