Ogier the Dane

Ogier the Dane

Ogier the Dane, in the chansons de geste, a paladin of Charlemagne. Although his military feats save emperor and kingdom, he is for a time at odds with Charlemagne. In some versions Morgan le Fay takes him to Avalon, from where he returns after 200 years to save France. As Holger, or Olger, Danske he is a popular Danish hero.
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Family name

  • Alexandra Dane (born 1946), South African actress
  • Barbara Dane (born 1927), American singer
  • Claire Danes (born 1979), American film, television, and theater actress
  • Dana Dane, American hip-hop artist
  • Dominique Dane (born 1980), Hungarian adult model and actress
  • Eric Dane (born 1972), American actor
  • Francis Dane (1615-1697), minister in colonial Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials
  • Jordan Dane (born 1953), American novelist
  • Joseph Dane (1778-1858), American congressman from Maine
  • Karl Dane (1886-1934), Danish-American silent film actor
  • Lloyd Dane (born 1925), American race car driver
  • Maxwell Dane (1906-2004), American advertising executive
  • Nathan Dane (1752–1835), American lawyer and statesman representing Massachusetts in the Continental Congress from 1785 to 1787
  • Patricia Dane (1919-1995), American film actress
  • Warrel Dane (born 1969), American singer

Dane Ruigrok born 1985), Canadian top sales rep.

Fictional or legendary

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