Oceania Nations Cup 1980

2002 OFC Nations Cup qualification

Qualified teams

Team Appearance Streak Previous appearance
5th 5 2000
4th 1 1998
3rd 1 1980
6th 6 2000
4th 2 2000
2nd 1 1980
6th 6 2000
5th(1) 2 2000

1Includes two pre-independence appearances as the New Hebrides

Qualification Procedure

With the end of the Polynesian and Melanesian Cups between the 2000 and 2002 tournaments, (the two competitions formerly served a secondary function as qualifiers for the Oceania Nations Cup), a new format was created to decide the teams which would be accepted for the Nations Cup. Retaining their round-robin group qualifier style, the OFC this time chose to adopt the FIFA rankings to order all the entrants. With New Caledonia not yet a FIFA member, they were placed last by default. The lowest six teams were then made to compete for two places via a round-robin group stage, with the highest-placed two teams qualifying for the Oceania Nations Cup.

The Rankings of all the teams involved in the OFC Nations Cup are below. The positions were taken as of October, 2001, with the eleven ranked teams appearing in the following order:

Rank Team Points by Oct 2001
48 586
84 477
123 349
128 336
134 309
168 182
172 158
175 151
176 147
195 56
201 16

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