Ocean Reef Road, Perth

Ocean Reef Road, Perth

Ocean Reef Road is an arterial east-west road in Perth, Australia. It is located within the northern suburbs of Perth, from Ocean Reef in the west, to Wangara in the east, with a portion travelling northwards along the coast to Iluka. Ocean Reef Road is a dual carriageway between Marmion Avenue and Wanneroo Road, and a two-way single carriageway elsewhere.


Up until the late 1970's the road from Wanneroo Road was named Mullaloo Drive between Backshall Place and Craigie Drive/Coyle Road. Mullaloo Drive took the course and road names of today from Wanneroo Road (at Villa Nova) along Mangano Place, Backshall Place, Ocean Reef Road up to Craigie Drive, Coyle Road, Craigie Drive, Kalaroo Place and then Mullaloo Drive joining Oceanside Promenade at Mullaloo.

From around 1979 Ocean Reef Road was so named from todays Craigie Drive up to Marmion Avenue. Ocean Reef Road between Backshall Place and Wanneroo Road took at slightly different course south, from the original Mullaloo Drive. Then as the suburb of Ocean Reef was built in the 1980's and the Ocean Reef marina were built, Ocean Reef Road was extended this far. During the 1980's the Joondalup Drive intersection was opened. In the 1990's at the Wanneroo Road end, the road was extended to Hartman Drive near Wangara. The Mitchell Freeway terminated here in the early 1990's. After 1996 Ocean Reef Road was joined to Hodges Drive . In 2006 Ocean Reef Road was extended along the coast from Hodges Drive to Shenton Avenue.

There are currently works to duplicate Ocean Reef Road between Wanneroo Road and Hartman Drive into a dual-carriageway road. This was to be completed in May 2008.

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