Objects at Rest

Objects at Rest

"Objects at Rest" is an episode from the fifth season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.


Delenn and Sheridan relocate to Minbar; Lennier betrays Sheridan when an accident on board the Minbari cruiser transporting him and Delenn to Minbar takes place.

Michael Garibaldi arrives on Mars, and begins a series of shakeups at Edgar's Industries. Since he had fired the previous board of directors, Garibaldi assembles a new board that is composed of company troublemakers.

Arc significance

Sheridan and Delenn leave Babylon 5 in order to relocate the new offices on Minbar. Emperor Mollari (under control of the Drakh) presents Sheridan with an urn which is meant to be given to Sheridan's son on his 16th birthday. The urn contains a Keeper. According to creator Joe Strazynski, it is this Keeper that causes the incident that is mentioned in "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" - the immediate aftermath of which is detailed in "War Without End". Plus, Morden's revelation in Day Of The Dead comes true with Lennier betraying the Rangers.

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