Object manipulation

Object manipulation

Object manipulation is a form of dexterity play or performance, in which one or more performing artists physically interact with props including balls, hoops, rings, poi, staff and clubs. Object manipulation can be considered an advanced combinatorial form of sports, dance, and games.

A separate subculture exists around fire dancing, which is essentially object manipulation where specially designed props are soaked in fuel and lit on fire.

Types of object manipulation

Juggling and tossing

Involves an orderly tossing, exchange of hands, and/or bounding of various objects:

Spinning and twirling

Rotation of an object (or significant parts of) often as a component of dance:


Showcasing manual dexterity, sometimes with the use of small props, typically in illusionary ways:

Complex object

Highlighting the mechanics of an object, or interplay between a set of objects:


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