Oakville Transit

Oakville Transit

Oakville Transit is the public transportation provider in Oakville, Ontario, Canada since 1972. It is a department of the town, and a member of the Canadian Urban Transit Association. It offers the typical conventional bus service, and a para-transit service, called care-A-van, for those unable to use the conventional service. care-A-van takes riders directly to address they desire.

Routes and connections

It connects with Burlington Transit to the west, Hamilton Street Railway on peak hours with route 14 in the downtown Burlington Terminal, Mississauga Transit to the east. In addition, Oakville, Bronte, and Clarkson GO stations are also connected.

The Oakville GO rail and bus station — located at 214 Cross Avenue — is the main bus terminus, and those routes serving this station are noted below;

  • Route 10 West Industrial South (formerly route 100)
  • Route 110 West Industrial North (since the closure of the Fourth Line Bridge over the QEW.)
  • Route 11 Linbrook
  • Route 13 West Oak Trails
  • Route 14 Lakeshore West, connects with Burlington Transit& Hamilton Street Railway on peak hours, this route runs at all hours Monday-Saturday (and Sundays as of July 2006).
  • Route 15 Bridge
  • Route 16 Speers
  • Route 17 Kerr-Eastlake
  • Route 18 Glen Abbey South
  • Route 19 River Oaks, (and Sunday service as of July 2006).
  • Route 20 Iroquois Ridge
  • Route 22 Upper Glen Abbey West, serving Bronte GO Station
  • Route 24 Sheridan
  • Route 24 South Common Mall, connects with Mississauga Transit, and Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus. Service runs Monday-Saturday (and Sundays as of July 2006) at all hours.
  • Route 26 Falgarwood
  • Route 27 White Oaks
  • Route 28 Glen Abbey North, (and Sunday service as of September 2006).
  • Route 29 Uptown Core
  • Route 200 Northridge

The following routes do not service the Oakville GO Station

Off-Peak Service: During the late evenings, and on Sundays, most of the fixed routes are replaced by the Zone Express. The southern area of the town is divided into four zones (basically east and west of Oakville GO/Trafalgar Road, and north and south of the Queen Elizabeth Way). While the operators will accept riders at the key transfer points, there is telephone (905-849-ZONE) correspondence in order to pick up and drop off riders at designated Oakville Transit stops, or transfer onto the other buses at the Oakville GO Station. After midnight, the Zone Express will only drop off riders connecting from the last Lakeshore West GO Trains.

Oakville Transit also offers three peak hour express routes which all terminate at Oakville GO.

  • Route 180, Glen Abbey Express.
  • Route 190, River Oaks Express.

School Specials (as of March 2007):

  • Route 71 W.O.S.S. Special
  • Route 80 Holy Trinity
  • Route 81 Abbey Park/Loyola (Morning)
  • Route 81 Abbey Park (Afternoon)
  • Route 82 Loyola (Afternoon)
  • Route 83 Blakelock

Accessible services are provided on the following routes:

  • Community Bus Route Blue
  • Community Bus Route Red
  • Community Bus Route Green
  • Community Bus Route Yellow
  • care-A-Van

All Oakville Transit buses are Easier Access, but the low floor buses and routes do not display the logo.


  • Oakville GO Station
  • Bronte GO Station
  • Oakville Bus Terminal, located at Dunn and Church Streets.
  • Hopedale Mall, including a peak hour Burlington Transit route, and the Crosstown route.
  • Uptown Core, where the Crosstown route meets the Uptown Core route. (New terminal building under construction at Trafalgar Rd. & Dundas St.)
  • Maplegrove Village, at Maplegrove Dr. and Cornwall Rd.
  • Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus.
  • Clarkson GO Station
  • South Common Centre (in Mississauga)

Current fleet

  • Blue Bird Ultra LF (2005, 2006) - 5 units in service
  • Ford/Giradian Minibus (2003) - 8 units in service
  • New Flyer D40 (1989) - 5 units left in service
  • New Flyer D40LF (1995, 2005) - 7 units in service
  • OBI Orion I 01.508 (1987-1988) - 3 units left in service
  • OBI Orion V 05.501 (1990, 1992) - 9 units in service
  • OBI Orion VI 06.501 (1999, 2001) - 18 units in service
  • OBI Orion VII 07.501 (2003) - 13 units in service
  • New Flyer Industries D40LFR (2006) - 8 units in service

Some of the minibuses are also used in nearby Milton, as Milton Transit. There is no connecting service between these two communities at present.

  • Five Ford E350 and E450 minibuses for care-A-van service.

denotes wheelchair accessibility


As of July 1, 2006, cash fare is $2.50. Passengers using GO Transit can show the driver their single or multi-ride ticket and pay a reduced fare of 50 cents. Tickets, monthly passes, and day passes are also available. Different discounts are available for the following: children, students attending elementary/secondary school, and seniors (65 years of age and older).

The Presto card will be added in late 2008.

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