OSHO Dynamic Meditation

OSHO Dynamic Meditation

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is an Active Meditation technique developed by Osho.

Osho said it was very difficult for modern man to just sit and be in meditation. Therefore he devised Active Meditation techniques that would help prepare the ground. He explained that Dynamic Meditation was

... absolutely necessary for the modern man ... If people are innocent there is no need for Dynamic Meditation. But if people are repressed, psychologically are carrying a lot of burden, then they need catharsis. So Dynamic Meditation is just to help them clean the place. And then they can use any method ... It will not be difficult. If they, right now, directly try, they will fail.

Dynamic Meditation consists of five stages, which together last one hour. The meditation is accompanied by specially-composed music. The meditation is typically done in the early morning. See External Links for detailed instructions.


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