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OPNET Technologies, Inc. provides network and application management software and hardware, as well as associated services. In 2007, OPNET was recognized by Audit Integrity as being one of "America's Most Trustworthy Companies". The results of Audit Integrity’s analysis are featured by . OPNET ranked 167 in Forbes 2007 list of "America's 200 Best Small Companies"

The company was founded in 1986 and went public in 2000 . It is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland and has offices in Cary, North Carolina; Nashua, New Hampshire; Dallas, Texas; and Santa Clara, California. It has international offices in Slough, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Ghent, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; and Singapore with staff and consultants in multiple locations in Asia and Latin America. Representative customers include Capital One, Cox Communications, CVS, France Telecom, GEICO Insurance, Merck, NBC Universal, and Oracle.

Corporate History

"OPNET" was Alain Cohen's (co-founder and current CTO & President) graduate project for a networking course while he was at MIT. OPNET stood for Optimized Network Engineering Tools. Alain along with brother Marc (co-founder and current CEO & Chairman) and classmate Steven Baraniuk decided to commercialize the software. The company's first product was OPNET Modeler, a software tool for network modeling and simulation. It has since diversified to provide a range of solutions for network and application performance management.

Since becoming a public company in August 2000, OPNET has executed the following acquisitions , :

  • March 2001: NetMaker Division of Make Systems
  • January 2002: WDM NetDesign B.V.B.A
  • October 2004: Altaworks Corporation
  • October 2007: substantially all of the assets of Network Physics, Inc.

OPNET Solutions

OPNET solutions address application performance management; network planning, engineering, and operations; and network R&D.

  • ACE Live, ACE Plus, and Panorama are OPNET's application performance management (APM) solutions. They are used for performance monitoring and troubleshooting throughout the application lifecycle to ensure compliance with application response-time SLAs.
  • OPNET solutions for network planning, engineering, and operations include the following
    • IT Guru Network Planner helps enterprises plan their network for new applications or technologies.
    • SP Guru Network Planner and SP Guru Transport Planner optimize service provider network designs for capacity, cost, QoS, and survivability.
    • Sentinel is OPNET's network configuration auditing solution and it is used to ensure network integrity, security, and policy compliance.
    • NetMapper complements OPNET's Sentinel and Guru solutions by automatically creating content-rich network diagrams in Microsoft Visio format.
    • OPNET nCompass, a software solution for the NOC, enables operators to visualize real-time network topology, traffic, events, and status in a single view.
  • OPNET Modeler, a network modeling and simulation software solution, is one of OPNET's flagship solutions and also its oldest product.


OPNETWORK is OPNET's annual user conference. The first edition of OPNETWORK was in 1997. OPNETWORK 2007 had over 750 hours of classes and more than 2000 attendees from 30 countries. OPNETWORK 2008 was held in Washington D.C. from August 25 - 29, 2008 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Patents Issued

  • Wireless Link Simulation with Generic Caching by Alain Cohen, Jerome Plun, Yevgeny Gurevich; US Patent No. 7,254,389
  • Simulation with Convergence-Detection Skip-Ahead by Alain Cohen, Pradeep Singh, Arun Pasupathy, Stefan Znam; US Patent No. 7,219,047
  • System and Methods for Display of Time-Series Data Distribution by John McGee, Michael Courtemanche, Ralph Beck; US Patent No. 7,219,034
  • Flow Propagation Analysis Using Iterative Signaling by Alain Cohen, Pradeep Singh, Arun Pasupathy, Stefan Znam, Marius Popa; US Patent No. 7,139,692
  • System and Methods for Adaptive Threshold Determination for Performance Metrics by John McGee, John Early, James Matthews; US Patent No. 7,076,695
  • Software Instrumentation Method and Apparatus by Ralph Beck, Michael Romanchuk; US Patent No. 6,968,540
  • Monitoring and Control Engine for Multi-Tiered Service-Level Management of Distributed Web-Application Servers by Brad Stone; US Patent No. 6,823,382
  • Mixed Mode Network Simulator by Alain Cohen, George Cathey, P.J. Malloy; US Patent No. 6,820,042
  • System and Method for Monitoring Performance Metrics by John McGee, John Earley, David Heath, Ralph Beck, Michael Courtemanche; US Patent No. 6,643,613
  • System Architecture for Distribution of Discrete-Event Simulations by Alain Cohen; US Patent No. 6,278,963




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