The OLPC XS is a Linux-based OS (a Fedora-based distribution) designed to be installed on generic low-to-midrange mildlyruggedized servers. Initial plans of building a custom server geared for the role have been postponed, OLPC however offers XS_Recommended_Hardware for the system, and plans to support the XO hardware running as a server for very small schools.

OLPC XS provides XO machines with network connectivity for backups, anti-theft leases, web browsing, system, content updates, asynchronous collaboration tools such as Moodle, etc.

Projected specifications

The (currently on hold) plans call for an energy-efficient design that does not require moving parts for basic functionality. It will be mildly ruggedized.

The XS Server's CPU will be a PowerPC G4.

The system will boot from flash memory, which is far less likely to fail than a hard disk. Hard disks will be provided for storing a library of local content and for making backups of the children's data. The XS is intended to ship with one hard disk installed, and a second to serve as either a spare or for increased capacity. The second is not installed by default because this would consume extra power.

There will be three 802.11s wireless mesh connections. Each will be a USB device with a 3 meter (10 foot) cable, allowing good antenna placement (high, unobstructed) and good server placement (dry, secure).

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