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Nuts to you!

Nuts to You

Nuts to You (1962) is a rhythm and blues album by Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. The album contains a few uptempo dance tracks but consists mostly of bawdy songs and comedy routines. The front cover contains the notice: "For Adults Only."

Track listing

Album liner notes attribute "most" of the compositions to Doug Clark, John Clark and Prince Taylor. Vocal ad-libs are credited to the whole band.

  1. "Let's Have a Party"
  2. "Old and Feeble"
  3. "Gay Caballero"
  4. "A Soldier"
  5. "Hot Nuts (Part 1)"
  6. "When I Was Young"
  7. "The Whole World"
  8. "Can't Sit Down"
  9. "Ding-a-Ling"
  10. "Two Old Maids"
  11. "Hot Nuts (Part 2)"


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