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NuComm International

NuComm International

NuComm International is a Canadian-based provider of customer relationship and call center services.


In 1991, according to the official history page, NuComm CEO Réal Bergevin founded John Moss Associates, a consulting and training company specializing in contact center management. This early foundation in contact center consulting gave them a wealth of knowledge in customer relationship management services.
Réal and his colleagues were instrumental in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of over 60 contact center operations with strategic planning, staff management, quality management, customer service, technology and performance management techniques.
It was in these early days that Réal began developing a new call center business model that leveraged technology, statistical quality control and a structured approach to building a workplace culture of continuous improvement. He developed best-of-class practices for recruiting and training, reducing call handling times and other efficiencies that go straight to a contact center client's bottom-line. He later detailed his findings and philosophy in his book, 23 Steps To An Effective Call Center, a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building efficient and profitable call centers.
In 1996, Réal collaborated with his wife, Anne (who has extensive call center management experience), to expand the business to that of a full-service contact center services provider. NuComm was born.
Using the learnings and efficiencies uncovered in various career positions and successes in dozens of call centers, NuComm quickly grew from a single office located in historic Welland, Ontario to an international company now headquartered in St. Catharines, Ontario, employing over an estimated 4,000 people worldwide.
NuComm's core operating philosophy and culture is founded on simple but important beliefs and values:
    * Treat people with honesty, dignity and respect and they will treat your customers the same way.
    * Provide them with an environment of continuous learning and opportunity and they will view their employment with you as a career not a job.
    * Equip them with the proper tools and training to succeed, and reward them frequently for performance.

Combined with operational excellence and cutting-edge technology, this philosophy has helped drive NuComm to a leadership position within the contact center industry and consistently deliver breakthrough performance for its clients.
Between 1991 and 2007 they have opened 15 centres world-wide, with the most recent centres in Wichita Kansas, Lafayette Louisiana and Barrie Ontario, although the Wichita office was set to be closed by the end of September, 2007, with employees being given the option to work from home (called "Home Agents").
Since its founding, NuComm has gone on to serve a wide variety of clients in many different fields. They have also been honoured in their own field by achieving the 2000 certification, being named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies 5 years in a row (starting in 2001). Réal was honored by being named one of Canada's Top 40 under 40 CEO's in 2001, and in 2005 published a second book, Call Centers for Dummies
Currently, they are a leader in Canadian Call Centres.

Current offices



New Brunswick




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Executive Management Team

  • Réal Bergevin, CEO
  • Clive Woodrow, Chief Marketing Officer


NuComm provides technical support, customer care and billing, data management and customer self-service programs to companies in the cable television, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, retail, media, entertainment and government sectors.


On 27 August 2007, Transcom WorldWide S.A., the European Customer Relationship Management and debt collections specialist, announced that it had acquired 100% of NuComm International, and a maximum cash consideration of $90 million CAD (€63 million) will be paid in three instalments. An initial payment of $50 million CAD (€35 million) will be paid with the remainder being subject to a two tier earn-out ending in December 2008. The earn-out is based on a multiple of operating profit which is capped at a maximum of 9x EBIT for the complete deal.
NuComm had revenues of $122 million CAD (€85 million) for the twelve months ended 31st July 2007. Réal Bergevin, the founder and CEO of NuComm, has signed a contract to remain with the business under the new ownership.
Further details on the acquisition are available in the Official Press Release

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